What I’ve learnt about Twitter after 1,000 Tweets.

Today is quite the momentous occasion… my 1000th Tweet after a year or so of taking Twitter seriously. I felt that this particular Tweet needed to be profound (everything’s relative) – and so I’ve decided to use it to refer to this post and write a few words about what I’ve learnt from this bizarre social media application and explain why I use it and what it’s actually done for me.

Maybe my wife, parents, friends and anyone else who just ‘doesn’t get it it’ will have a little more of a clue as to what it’s all about if they get round to reading this.

  1. Like every tool ever invented – how you use Twitter will change what you get from it.
  2. Like every tool ever invented – it’s your choice as to how you use it.
  3. Some people use Twitter for talking about what they had for breakfast. That’s fine. I don’t, because it’s not going to further me or anyone else in a business sense and that’s my primary reason for using the tool. Your reason maybe different and that’s fine.
  4. I use Twitter to further myself (and I hope others) in business. Business however can be made up of many different things.
  5. Entertainment, education, friendship, humour and knowledge transfer have all been essential parts of my 1000 tweets.
  6. As of the time of writing I’ve 245 followers (thank you). I only follow 40 people. I only follow people I’m interested in understanding or hearing more from.
  7. I’ve had people complain I don’t follow them or hassle me to follow them. Guess what – that’s not the way to do it people.
  8. Part of the reason I use Twitter is for ‘legal stalking’. It’s not as sinister as it sounds. If I want to do business with someone, I follow them. If I am doing business with someone I follow them.
  9. Who wouldn’t want to get closer to a prospect or a customer to find out what they are thinking? What’s the perfect way to understand what makes them tick and to find out what they are interested in? Following them of course.
  10. I like communicating with people – I can’t help myself. If I find out something I think might be of interest to someone, I will share it with them. I used to do this using newspaper clippings (I still do). Twitter makes this a much easier process.
  11. I like the fact I have virtual colleagues in Tasmania, Australia (hi @michellef) I also like the fact I’ve met them in real life too.
  12. I like the fact I get to hear about the latest things happening in the world of WordPress (@woothemes) and get discounts off the latest themes.
  13. I like the fact that I won a signed set of books from one of my favourite business authors (@dmscott)
  14. 11,12 and 13 I did on Twitter in the last week and no point did I tell anyone what I had for breakfast, nor did they tell me.
  15. I admit I have Tweetdeck open on one of my screens for most of the day (unless I’m focusing on getting stuff done, in which case I switch it off). That’s not a good thing – it should be turned on at certain times of the day and I’m working on my addiction there.
  16. I happily paid $2.99 for Twittelator on my iPhone and use it every day (thanks @ed_dale). Why wouldn’t you absorb yourself in other people’s wisdom whilst sitting on a train/standing in a supermarket/waiting for your wife to try on clothes eh @ed?)
  17. Do I still interact with real live human beings? Yes of course I do. Do I also benefit massively most days from other people’s wisdom via Twitter? Yes definitely.
  18. Do other people benefit from my twittering? I’d hope so.
  19. Would I ever follow hundreds or thousands of people – no… following others to get followers makes very little sense in my book. I’d prefer people to follow me who are interested in what I have to bang on about.
  20. Do I recommend every person in business to at least consider using Twitter as a tool – yes I do. Is it right for everyone? No…
  21. I try to make Tweets less than 110 characters to allow easy retweeting.
  22. I like occasional random conversations with people I don’t know – it adds to the rich tapestry of life. #bbcquestiontime is a great example.
  23. Be interesting and others will be interested in you. Isn’t that right @lesleyeverett?
  24. So how will I change my use of Twitter over the next 1000 tweets? I need to turn off Tweetdeck more. It is distracting, and I need no help in that department. I want to get better at explaining the phenomenon in a simple way to people who don’t get it so that they can benefit too. I also want to find more interesting, relevant people in my niches and sphere of interest to follow to get even more tuned into my markets. That’s hard to do, so I need to listen even harder.

There. I’d like to think I’ve made the most of my 1000th tweet. But maybe you disagree…. comments are open below.

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  1. Derrek Pearson
    Derrek Pearson says:

    It’s so nice to hear someone else who doesn’t like following everyone who follows them on Twitter. It seems wrong to me on so many levels. I had a long argument with a good friend of mine about this. In the end we just agreed to disagree. We’re still friends.

    • markcopeman
      markcopeman says:

      Bang on Derrek – all these tools are a platform. Individuals have to make their own choices how they use them. Some folks like talking about what they had for breakfast… others choose to talk about more interesting things!

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