Mark is the founder of Wisecurve, which brings together a number of his ventures including – the only video / written testimonial service dedicated to the tech industry. He is the author of the books, MSP Secrets Revealed and Helpdesk Habits, as well as being the creator of the online customer service video program,

He is a regular conference speaker on the subject of customer service and the power of habits.

Mark is also a video presenter and conference host in between consulting for IT businesses, where he focuses on creating content, sales and marketing.

Outside of the IT world, he owns an online fitness program, with his fitness instructor with 1,200+ members.

A serial entrepreneur, in April 2018, Mark sold his 50% share in the 1-click customer satisfaction SaaS tool, Customer Thermometer, after 8 years of growth.

He started Customer Thermometer in 2010, with his co-founder Lindsay Willot and built the business up to 1,000+ customers, winning the likes of Facebook, Dropbox and Dollar Shave Club.

Initially creating and developing the service, he learnt the ropes by being Customer Thermometer’s helpdesk, before moving on to enterprise sales and focusing on the IT support marketplace.

Before Customer Thermometer, Mark built and sold two content marketing agencies, Twist Media in 2006 and 8:45TV in 2014.

During that agency time, Mark developed his skills both in front of and behind the camera, fronting various corporate TV productions and training videos.

As an early adopter of green screen filming in the corporate market, Mark’s YouTube channel has 19,000+ subscribers and 4 million+ views.

Mark began his career in BT, having been sponsored by them at Bristol University, where he studied Electronic Engineering and ran Bristol’s RAG charity efforts whilst DJ-ing most of the University’s major events.

He joined BBC Radio Bristol as a presenter, where he interviewed the rich and famous. Notably, Jamiroquai, The Farm (remember Groovy Train?), Shakespears Sister (when they were at #1 with ‘Stay’), Smith and Jones and the sadly departed Jeremy Beadle and Keith Chegwin.

Mark is married with 2 children and lives in the village of Bray, the home of 50% of the UK’s 3-starred Michelin restaurants. He loves to cook and run, but not necessarily at the same time.