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Solopreneur Secrets is born

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything worthwhile. With two not-best-selling books behind me (Helpdesk Habits & MSP Secrets Revealed) – I have taken a break and it now feels like the right time to start writing again but in a different format this time. It’s time to launch Solopreneur Secrets. Something I’ve […]

Why I’m running the London Marathon 2020

SPOILER ALERT: THIS ENDS WELL We all have stories hidden away. Stories which define us. Stories which make us stronger. This is mine. Buttocks & blood tests One morning in July 1997, I woke up with a pain in my right buttock. I was struggling to walk and had to get myself to the doctors […]

4 half marathons in a month:

The story of “giving back”. A plan was hatched And so it all began on the morning of 18th September 2011, when my wife and I sat and watched the Bupa Great North Run in our dressing gowns whilst having a relaxed Sunday morning. Before the race started, as ever in true BBC style, wonderful […]

Examples of simplicity in business

Simplicity is so hard. I spend hours convincing clients that less is more. Videos need to be shorter not longer. Corporate messages need to be one sentence, not one paragraph. It’s not about how much detail you can add, it’s about how much you can take away. Thermomostats can be made simpler… who’d have thought […]

Why I say “It’s not a rehearsal”

I was invited to a conference in New York this coming weekend, which is a lovely thing – however just not practical for me at this moment… The conference is the first of its kind dedicated to patients and doctors dealing with a disease I’m rather close to – something called Hairy Cell Leukaemia. Because […]

17 things I’ve learnt between Christmas and Easter 2013

Since 7th January 2013 when I started back at work after Christmas, a LOT has happened. Not all of it good, but mostly. I’ve learnt, rediscovered and been reminded of a lot of things. 79 days is a very long time in business these days – at a guess I’d reckon it’s the equivalent of […]

It’s OK to stay small

Last week, I arranged a few drinks with some friends. In a brewery. Yes, we went to the absolute source of the beer and tasted it, whilst new batches were being fermented all around us. Of course, it was a great night – we learnt a huge amount about how to make beer, agreed and […]