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In honour of the awesome six weeks ahead of us, with the first match of the Rugby World Cup starting at the time this post was published, I thought it would be a good moment to dig out this video – which you may have seen before.

Safety videos on airplanes have always fascinated me. No one watches them, everyone knows how to put on a seatbelt and a lifejacket, yet the law dictates they have to be shown.

So – airlines have a problem – how do they engage passengers who’ve seen these things a hundred times?

If you’re British Airways – you go totally bog standard and dull.

If you’re Virgin – you introduce cartoons with cool looking characters and moments to make you smile, whilst still conveying a serious message.

If you’re Qantas, you employ the services of the well known pilot John Travolta to grab your attention (yes he really does introduce their safety video in a pilot’s uniform).

If you’re Air New Zealand – you go for all out awesomeness and use the one thing which unites all New Zealanders and ranks as more important than friends, family, wealth and health – and that’s the All Black rugby team.

There’s a serious point here – using just the right amount of humour really works to teach and communicate and audience. The reason for that is simple – the audience is totally engaged with what they’re watching. It’s also not what they’re expecting – another reason why they become engaged – they’re intrigued and want to watch the story to the end.

There’s a message there somewhere!

If you’ve not seen this before – watch it and marvel. When you’ve finished watching it – figure out how you could be more creative in your consulting business to help you get noticed, to engage your customers and to make them smile.

Who says business has to be boring?!

Oh and C’mon England…!

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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    G’Day Mark.

    It’s a good video – they wheel it out every year when the world cup is on (for all I know they could be running it all the time).

    Incidentally, the airline isn’t Air New Zealand, it’s Ear Nu Zuland (say it as it’s written, then play the video again – you’ll know what I mean).

    Michael (not a kiwi!).

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