It’s time to get personal with your marketing

I have to say – and I’ve been saying it for a while, the days of mass marketing, mass email, impersonal communications, lazy database segmentation and time consuming communications are over.

There’s two very clear trends emerging:

1) No one has time any more.
2) If you want to get noticed, you’ve got to be personal.

People need quick, simple communications, applications, services and products which are uncomplicated, which can be clicked once, which are streamlined and which are easy to use. If your email asks someone to do two or more things, it’ll be ignored – people are lazy and easily distracted. If your consultant website is confusing and doesn’t have a compelling action on each page, people will not click where you want them to.

If you expect to sell your consulting services to a senior employee of a large multinational by sending them boilerplate – you are wasting your time.

Keep it simple, create personalised communications and make it easier for your targets and customers to do business with you.

If you don’t believe me, believe Gary Vaynerchuck, talking about the next couple of years in Social Media and how people and companies should and will be interacting with one another.

Hat tip to @davidjenyns and @preneur for this video.