Personalised video for a good cause

We love all things personalised here at Being Smarter – so much of the work we do for clients is about getting personal with their targets and prospects – treating them as individuals and getting cut through.

Personalised video is starting to become more common now.  Simply put, it’s cleverly shot video which takes a feed from an external source (such as XML) and then layers that text or images over the main video track. Where it gets really clever is when the audio track is personalised based on a text input – but that’s a post for another day.

Our team delivered exactly this for a client earlier this year, and has enabled them to deliver highly targeted messages to hundreds of targets using a personalised video containing the target’s company logo using our Targets to Prospects service. Drop me a line if you’re intrigued and I’ll explain more about how it works and what it’s done for them.

I couldn’t help but notice the video I’ve linked to (screenshot above) below which takes a great cause – The Global Poverty Project and uses this same technique to build a viral campaign to drive awareness.

It’s really nicely done and has that essential ingredient we all love – humo(u)r.

You can take a look at the video on their fictitous TV channel WNN.TV here. Make sure you enter you first name and surname first.

Great work folks. (and hat tip to Graeme Codrington)

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