Managing knowledge: RSS is the most powerful free tool in business today

I only discovered RSS about 18 months ago and I don’t think it’s too much of an exaggeration to say that it has changed my (business) life. It is an enabler… it makes you smarter… and it helps you in managing knowledge – giving you an edge over your competitors and colleagues.

I naturally spend part of my day sending people information I think might be relevant to them – to help them in their jobs. To make them look good… to even make them money because of the usefulness of that information. I suspect many of my friends and colleagues think I sit there all day researching for them. I don’t. I let the Internet do the hard work for me…. I then sit back and watch.

RSS… Google Alerts… Google Reader. Three technological terms that if you don’t understand in business today then you are most definitely at a disadvantage.

You’ve seen the RSS icon a thousand times haven’t you? A million times maybe… have you ever thought to click it? to investigate what it might do? Possibly not.

Make a resolution today to get to grips with RSS… get to grips with Google Alerts and Google Reader. Then tell us below how amazed you are.


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  1. Simon Kressick
    Simon Kressick says:

    to respond to your last point – I’m seriously amazed – I had never considered what RSS was really all about. the video is good…great post!

  2. SEO Desk
    SEO Desk says:

    RSS is vital for any website owner you have to getting a feed from your site on multiple sites is a great way to grow your reach.

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