Audio blogging what do you think…?

No need for text for today’s post – just click play…

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  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    Mark – always seems a little self serving to comment on your own product – but hey ho!!! I liked the ethos of your website and wanted to explain a little more about ipadio. As well as a standard phone call in we can also take iphone and android audio uploads – nice example here:
    This also shows the power of SpinVox – who have been getting a good old kicking by the press but all our experience of working with them has been very positive.
    Now in a corporate comms perspective phoned in reports with text conversion has some major efficiency gains in all sorts of sectors from the NHS to Law from Social Work to Estate Agents. Combine that with the fact that ipadio can call out to phones as well as the web means we have a really rather powerful communication product – if you’d like to talk more give me a bell on 07767 690305 cheers Mark

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