Is your marketing as bad as this?

Don’t make Ryanair’s mistake!

I’m constantly on the lookout for examples of good and bad marketing campaigns alike. I get inspiration from walking down the street, on Tube trains, online – wherever I roam really. My brain has been naturally tuned over the years to notice messages, process them, dump the bad ideas and to somehow harness the good ones.

The example below is about as bad as it gets.

In Ryanair’s rush to make money (from anything), someone somewhere thought it would make an excellent idea to make a couple of cents per click at most, by displaying links to their competitors, possibly offering better prices or at least the ability to compare their offer, in a matter of seconds.

Examples of bad marketing

Who in their right mind would allow such ridiculousness? “I know – let’s make a couple of cents, and hijack our core business by advertising our competitors next to our buy now page.” – you can just imagine the months of meetings that went into this strategy.

DON’T make their mistake – THINK through what you are doing before executing.

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  1. Allison Reynolds
    Allison Reynolds says:

    Saw similar on and the first thought that went through my mind was “this company is in financial difficulty and needs to find other ways to make money”…which then means I am not going to trust buying anything through them in case they go bust and I don’t get my goods.

    Very STUPID idea RyanAir and GraysOnline

  2. Lanfranco Colella
    Lanfranco Colella says:

    Ryanair is working in a really high competitive market.
    We can see the sector result and the Ryanair’s P&L of the last 10 years. In this way we can have immediately a more clear idea the 1st are depressing instead the 2nd are good results with lush growth.
    The low cost economic proposal of Ryanair is strongly defined because the also the promise to reimburse to the client the difference of an equivalent cheap trip bought from a competitor is not so easy to implement.
    Consequently the load factor of the company is one of the best and it’s also clear that the revenue stream is composed by several kind of different components.
    The advantage is that the company is well recognized by the clients and positively the passenger number the revenue and the profit increase year after year.
    It’s so nice example of success. Well done

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