Get it right on paper

My most prized tool is shown above. I’m “Mr Digital” according to my friends, however the power of pen and paper should never be forgotten.

“Get it right on paper first”

I used this phrase four times yesterday with different clients and I realised just how important and fundamental this process is to what we do, but in fact to what most people do.

If you create / plan / deliver / sell / market / manufacture / write – anything in fact, there will always be a point in the process where you have to stop and think and not just at the beginning.

I enjoyed this conversation with a lady on top of her game yesterday – one of the leading lights in the UK’s training industry – Julie Wedgwood. It seems we both storyboard a lot in our day jobs. It turns out she learnt the art from the set of the Who Framed Roger Rabbit movie (ground breaking). I learnt my trade through trial and error sadly, but I’m still glad I learnt it…

Do yourself a favour and grab a piece of paper and a pen today. It might just get you to where you want to go.

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