Does your website have a personality, like these ones?

People buy from people

Clients don’t buy ‘companies’, they buy people and as a rule, clients don’t buy dull, boring people.

In the first instance, a new client will always buy into a company website first – who doesn’t check someone out first before interacting with them? So, why is it that companies big and small insist on being dull, corporate, out of date, uninspiring and in the case of the lone consultant often don’t do their own personality justice.

Have you ever considered how many people have visited your website to check out what you do and have disappeared into the ether straight away, as they’re put off by your company personality? It’s the equivalent of the “I really must go and get myself a drink” moment at a party, when you’re talking to someone… except online, you have no idea who’s walking away.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot of late and come up with some screenshots I hope will inspire you – in both a good way.

So – here we go – 10 screenshots from websites that I hope will make you go and check out your site to see whether it has the personality you know it deserves.

1) Useful

If you need a company logo, what do you do? Go to their site and right click to download. Akismet has pre-empted that very nicely – look what pops up when you right click their logo… How useful is that?

2) Honest

I’ve admired these guys from afar for a couple of years. They make the awesome Market Samurai software. Have you ever seen such an honest about us page? Sometimes it’s just as important to say what you don’t do.

See the full page here:

3) Geeky

A 404 page not found page… which normally says “Page not found” or something dull. These guys are geeks – but THEY HAVE A PERSONALITY!

4) Cheeky

I left the Dilbert email list the other day… and you know what, they almost won me back – because they had a personality. How many unsubscribe pages say “UNSUBSCRIBE REQUEST COMPLETE. – CODE as8987e02” or something similar. What does yours say?

5) Uncorporate

I will take the First Direct bank with me to my grave. Why? Because they know how to relate to humans. Even their FOOTER conveys their personality. That’s pretty special.

6) Clever

Did you know if it’s your birthday according to your Google Profile, they’ll display you a Happy Birthday graphic. Google has oodles of personality. That’s one of the reasons they are where they are.

7) Playful

The Digital Telepathy team are superb designers. You’d expect them to have personality – and they do. It runs through their products too.

8.) As you would expect

I’d be surprised if you don’t know the Innocent Smoothie brand. Their navigation header wobbles. I’ve never seen that before. It just works – because it once again conveys their personality. Am I getting through here?

9) Makes you smile

Another geeky 404 page not found page with real thought. Remember those dark, distant Internet Explorer days? Here, they reminisce.


10) Helping you to buy

I’m reliably imformed that wherever you are in the world, the header changes to reveal whether the Threadless folks ship to your country. It really doesn’t get more helpful than that… immediately, they put you in the buying frame of mind.

Go on then – what are you waiting for…. go and get your website a personality!