Acknowledge room for improvement

A great technique for getting your business noticed is to set yourself apart from the pack by BEING HONEST! We all write marketing blurb which stretches the truth from time to time…

How about doing things differently, acknowledge when something isn’t quite right and tell the world about it? If you have a strong brand and a loyal set of followers, they will respect your honesty. I heard a great story about this concept yesterday from the very unique Jeffrey Hollender, founder of Seventh Generation and I’m going to tell that story another time. He took things to extremes and it paid off.

I came across two other examples of this honesty this morning.

1) Andy Palmer, SEO dude extraodinaire is a long time colleague of mine and has always tried to do things differently. He posted the feedback given to him by his audience at a seminar he gave yesterday. Whilst the results are good, he acknowledges room for improvement. Look – it’s the first time he’s given this seminar – so it was never going to be perfect. But, what a bold step to publish those results.

2) Alliance software, the company behind the amazing Market Samurai tool has also been honest. We all read About Us sections on websites every day of the week. How many have you seen which write about their strengths AND weaknesses. Refreshing or what.

How could you be more honest?

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  1. Andrew Palmer
    Andrew Palmer says:

    “Blushes” – You are too kind – however, it is actually the 6th time I have given this seminar and there is always room for improvement – what I did not do with the other five is issue a survey – Now I know exactly how people feel – its a good feeling and I know what must be done!

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