The Kayak half marathon

Mr Birchmore joined us in the pub on that ‘fateful’ day back in November 2011, where I pitched this ridiculous Autumn challenge to the team.

He’d signed up for the Great North Run – got his place, but after weeks of training (ahem) his knees just stopped working and he had to admit defeat. Running was never going to happen.

Not one to give up, he decided to contribute to the challenge, without much use of his legs – and go with the arms only tactic instead.

On Saturday, the day before Race #3, Windsor, Steve decided to paddle up (and down) the Thames, in his kayak and do a half marathon on the water.











For those of you thinking that’s straight forward. It’s not. When the current is flowing at 5 mph one way, and you want to head upstream, guess what? You need to paddle at 5mph to stay still. You know where I’m coming from I’m sure…

Steve completed his half marathon in twice the time the rest of us do our walking ones -in 3 hours, 58 minutes.







Another legend to add to our hall of fame.