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Philippe Dubost interview – how to get 1 million web visits in 8 days

Chances are you’ve possibly heard of Philippe Dubost. A couple of weeks ago, he was taking the Internet by storm, pretty much from nowhere.

Philippe was looking for a job, was sick of having to fire off his CV and be another ‘number’ on someone’s desk, and so he decided to go about things differently… got a little creative… thought outside the box.

And boy, has it paid off.

I’m personally fascinated by the concept of things going viral. A colleague of mine, David Meerman Scott, got me hooked on the concept a few years ago, thanks to his (now free) book, World Wide Rave – well worth a read.

When I heard about Philippe’s achievements, I got in touch and asked him for an interview and he was all too happy to give me some time.

I asked Philippe about his situation late last year,  what drove him to coming up with this idea, the sequence of events on how it went viral, about some of the incredible metrics over the course of the mad couple of weeks… and, of course, the question on everyone’s mind – has he got himself a new role yet?

Click here to see his online CV which has turned him into an overnight star. It’s simplicity personified – which for me, is why it has worked so well for him.

Get the full Philippe Dubost interview in the video below. He was a delight to talk to and gives some great insight.

When you’ve seen it – why not take a moment to figure out how you might think a little differently to get noticed by your next client?

Have you seen Coca-Cola’s new viral video?

I’ve never particularly been a fan of Coke’s advertising over the years – but this one is different. 200k+ views on YouTube within a week says that people are loving it.

It’s a revamped version of the US ad from the beginning of 2010 and it feature’s their ‘Happiness Machine.’

There’s a tiny little bit of me which is sceptical about the audience. I REALLY do hope this is genuine (although if it’s not the people will find out!). I can absolutely see how the happiness factor could have been generated for real – because I’m fairly sure if this happened to me – I’d be smiling…

What do you think?!

Even the dullest products can get noticed. If you’re smart

Proof below a campaign can go viral for something as dull as a biscuit if you’re smart.

Have to say, I’m not sure whether this is staged or not, however it’s got them 400,000 views on YouTube in the last month – so either way it’s a great brand awareness tool.

What beats me is that you have to assume people will check out the Wheat Thins website and sadly I suspect there’s a different group of people building the site, to the viral campaign.

The site is a shocker, but the video is great…

Hat tip to David Meerman Scott.