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Even the dullest products can get noticed. If you’re smart

Proof below a campaign can go viral for something as dull as a biscuit if you’re smart.

Have to say, I’m not sure whether this is staged or not, however it’s got them 400,000 views on YouTube in the last month – so either way it’s a great brand awareness tool.

What beats me is that you have to assume people will check out the Wheat Thins website and sadly I suspect there’s a different group of people building the site, to the viral campaign.

The site is a shocker, but the video is great…

Hat tip to David Meerman Scott.

How to get noticed in business – a case study

I wanted to share a simple idea with you around how to get your ‘stuff’ noticed.
Stage 1: Create a site, a blog, an article, an ebook, a video… something of real value which is related to your ‘stuff’. Something which doesn’t sell, doesn’t capture emails, doesn’t advertise, just something which is going to have genuine community interest. If you’re struggling on how to create content like this, you could do worse than checking this out. (Yes I have a vested interest).

Case study: www.watchusgettingreal.com

Stage 2:Develop it fully, promote it yourself as best you can, get it established. Road test it with friends and colleagues. Really make sure it’s fit for purpose and will stand up to scrutiny. Let it sit.

Case study: The site was built for around a month, we’d had a couple of hundred visitors and had written 6 posts and were well on the way to telling our story.

Stage 3: Find the sneezers in your community – people who can help you to spread your word. (This is why stage 1 is so important) and write to them. Use Email, paper, Twitter, Facebook, whatever. But make it short, sharp, personal and relevant.

Case study: http://twitter.com/mark_copeman/status/15838905789

Stage 4: Assuming they’re happy to spread your word, thank them, keep them in the loop, keep them involved in what you’re doing.

Case study: http://twitter.com/mark_copeman/status/15853098651

Stage 5: Find other sneezers, rinse and repeat. BUT keep adding to Stage 1. Keep adding value to the asset you’ve created and develop your community.

Case study result: Dozens of thank you emails, 4,000+ visitors in 5 days, dozens of RSS subscriptions, feedback on the project, multiple retweets…

Not rocket science I know – but a fascinating exercise. It’s amazing what you can achieve in a week and it’s only possible thanks to people who have become Market Leaders in their niche. They hold the power today and it’s what we should all be aiming to be.

Thank you once again to @jasonfried