How to leverage your next customer event

It’s always great to write on subjects dear to your heart and ones based on personal experience. Today is both.

I’ve been lucky enough to watch many great presentations, speeches and seminars over the last few years, however have also been incredibly frustrated that no one apart from those in the room at the time can benefit from the experience. How long does it take event organisers to pull good speakers together? How long does it take speakers to put their materials together? Days? Weeks? And it’s all over in a few hours.

Ever cooked a roast dinner for 12 people? Spent 6 hours preparing it to see it all eaten in 15 mins? Well it’s the same thing with events, except with a roast dinner, I’m guessing you wouldn’t want to keep it for ever…

Today and tomorrow our team is working with one of our partner companies to record an expert seminar, given only to a select few. The speaker is then going to spend some time with us after the session, recording in a green screen studio and we are then going to turn the whole event into an ‘8.45 Club’ style course for them…

So what’s the point of all this?

  1. The presentation which has taken many hours to put together will not be lost forever. It can remain a useful asset for years after the event.
  2. An audience other than the limited few that could make it to London on that specific day can now benefit from the material.
  3. The company putting on the event can leverage this material with other clients – possibly even sell it, because of its value.

And how will it be presented?

  1. The material will not be presented as a giant, unmanageable block of 2 hours, it will be turned into an engaging video training course.
  2. The 8.45 Club style of training means it will be delivered to email inboxes, first thing in the morning, in bite-sized chunks of ten minutes per day, perhaps for a couple of days of week for a month or so.
  3. Learners can now benefit from this session without leaving their desk and still be at their desk by 9.00.

I believe that’s win, win, win…. and possibly win.

How are you leveraging your next event?