The influencer project – boost your profile

There is a fabulous innovation going on right now called The Influencer Project, which is music to my ears. The 8.45 Club and everything we do here at Being Smarter is all about brevity and getting your message across quickly and so when I heard about this project…

Sixty of the Web’s Leading Thinkers Share How You Can Increase Your Digital Influence for Good and Profit in 60 Minutes

It went straight in the calendar.

Sam Rosen, the organiser sent an email out today – which was a stroke of genius in my book, in which he’s invited an unknown up and coming influencer to be the 60th speaker.

I thought I should share this with my network – so you too could play a part in this awesome-looking event.

So here’s the story: go to Twitter, and type in your thoughts on how to best increase influence online.

Use the hashtag #influencer.

Then tomorrow (Friday) at the end of the day, we’ll choose one rising star to be our 60th speaker and share their 60 seconds in front of our entire audience, on July 6th at 6pm ET.

UPDATE – July 5th – the winner was this Tweet.