Windows Double Explorer review

It’s been a while since we’ve raved about a piece of software, however this one could not go without a post… Our Windows Double Explorer review is below…

Windows users will know that the file manager, windows explorer, file explorer (everyone calls it something different) is never where you want it to be… and when you find it – moving and copying files and scrolling up and down the structure is somehow always harder than it should be.

There are a few paid for solutions out there – however this one is free and works a treat. It’s also incredibly ‘lite’. What I mean by that is that it’s not a huge download and doesn’t chew up system resources. It actually uses the same windows explorer application, but replicates it:

As you can see – it creates two windows for the price of one. I’ve tiled mine horizontally – and the only gripe I’ve got is that it won’t remember your tiling settings – however it’s a small price to pay. Imagine how easy it is to now drag files between windows… Life is simple again.

Download Windows double explorer here.