Co-founder, Customer Thermometer LLP

Customer Thermometer is a SaaS application which provides one click feedback via email. It was founded in 2010 and now has 100’s of users around the world.

Owner Being Smarter Ltd

Being Smarter Ltd is owned by Mark Copeman and is the umbrella company for the ventures shown below.

Founder, 8:45TV

8:45TV is a B2B video production agency which delivers bite-sized video productions ranging from thought leadership, to training courses.

Owner, Berkshire Green Screen 

Berkshire Green Screen is used extensively by 8:45TV – when it’s not in use, it’s available for hire with or without a cameraman and equipment.

Creator, Targets to Prospects 

Targets to Prospects is a B2B sales tool, which creates personalised webpages for target customers. It’s used by Mark’s other ventures and available for sale.


Ed-ucation Online was a venture launched in 2010 with the Internet Marketer, Ed Dale. It productised his seminars in the UK and Australia via video courses.