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10 tips for awesome screen capture videos

A great way to get your message (and personality) across Screen cams / screencaptures / screenflows are all around us. People are all too keen on YouTube to show us the latest and greatest software, however in far too many cases, where people just aren’t familiar with producing videos, they’re more likely to default to […]

Alternatives to PowerPoint

Before I start, I’ve nothing against the software, nor the producer of it. The issue I have is how it’s used, and how it’s taken over our lives. I’ve spent the last 10 years helping people deliver their messages to internal and external audiences – so I guess you could say I’ve seen and experienced […]

Announcing our final total

A plan was hatched And so it all began on the morning of 18th September 2011, when my wife and I sat and watched the Bupa Great North Run in our dressing gowns whilst having a relaxed Sunday morning. Before the race started, as ever in true BBC style, wonderful tales of heroism, courage and […]

Race #4 – Henley

And so after 10 months of thinking about it and the last month of running, the last race was upon us. Notice how I called this one a ‘race’. Despite the miles already put in – there was a sense of determination amongst Team Awesome, as I now refer to them. Everyone was tired, but […]

Race #3 – Windsor

So, it doesn’t get much closer for us – Windsor is a stone’s throw from base – so you’d think we’d get there on time, there’d be no queues and it would all be nice and smooth? Not so much – the traffic wasn’t great and the mile walk to the start? Well – let’s […]

The Kayak half marathon

Mr Birchmore joined us in the pub on that ‘fateful’ day back in November 2011, where I pitched this ridiculous Autumn challenge to the team. He’d signed up for the Great North Run – got his place, but after weeks of training (ahem) his knees just stopped working and he had to admit defeat. Running […]

Race #2 – Bristol

So, not quite as far for us all to go this time… The Great North Run really was quite a long way to go, just to run between two places. Bristol is my old university town, with a lot of fond memories. To run round it, for me was very special. The Awesome Team (TM) […]

The story – featured on BBC1

Moments after I finished the Great North Run, the BBC played out the piece about the story and our challenge. I didn’t actually see it for about 24 hours – but thought I’d capture it for prosperity. My son, Matthew was rather pleased to see himself on TV – even if he was only a […]

Race #1 – The Great North Run

A weekend to remember I’m embarrassed to say that despite making it to the ripe old age of 40, Friday was my very first trip to the North East of the UK. After picking up the children from school, 3 of the challenger families hit the road and convoyed to Durham. Some of us stopping […]