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Business letter samples – the place to go!

Business in a Box is still one of the best places to go for the best business letter samples and legal documents. If you’ve not heard of it, take a look at some of the dozens of documents that they offer – you can download the application and view all of the document for free. […]

Twenga – price comparison for Europe

(European readers only) I suspect you may already have a favourite price comparison site, however it’s not good to rest on your laurels – there are new sites coming online all the time and this one is definitely worth a look. As well as looking for the best deals in UK stores, you can now […]

Get the latest business bargains from Amazon

If you’re in the UK, it would be worth persuading your webteam to install this widget on your intranet, to help staff within the company spot the latest bargains, as the latest feeds get pulled through automatically from Amazon’s current stock clearance.

Test your communications

Have you ever tried running your latest piece of copy, technical or otherwise past a bright 13 year old. If they don’t understand it, your customers won’t.

Task manager software – Remember the milk

OK, before you shout – but I’ve got Outlook, why would I even consider another piece of task manager software, my answer is simple… work and home lives are interchangeable these days, Outlook and Exchange server are for work lives only. How often do you find that you need to add ‘home’ tasks to your […]

Wifi hotspot locator

If you don’t currently have mobile broadband access and you are out the office a lot, with a need for data, I suspect you spend a good deal of time working from coffee bars and taking advantage of their wifi access, free or otherwise. Before you head out next time, it’s worth checking out Trustive […]

Guaranteed SEO rankings?

SEO has received a bad press recently because of the number of companies that have guaranteed rankings to their customers when it clearly is an almost impossible thing to guarantee. Many gullible small business owners and would-be Web entrepreneurs have been sucked in by these false claims and it hurts all of us. Because of […]