Examples of simplicity in business

Simplicity is so hard.

I spend hours convincing clients that less is more.

Videos need to be shorter not longer.

Corporate messages need to be one sentence, not one paragraph.

It’s not about how much detail you can add, it’s about how much you can take away.

Thermomostats can be made simpler… who’d have thought it? Proves a point.

Blogs can be simple too – 37 Signals are the masters of clearing away clutter.

Even Sky, the giant corporate, have done a great job of keeping things simple on their ‘kit’ page.

We’ve worked hard at it too – our customer satisfaction survey web application, Customer Thermometer asks just one question.

As opposed to 20.

We’re constantly told, do one thing and do it well … keep things simple … walk before you can run

We so often ignore this advice, because it’s the easy way out to make things more complex.

Life has become very complicated. Too many choices and too much clutter.

How refreshing it is when a business does make things simple, removes that clutter.

As a result, you get drawn in, you become engaged. You’ve less to process.

It takes huge amount of effort to get good at it.

Some businesses manage it. Do you?


The best sales tool I’ve ever seen

It doesn’t how much you dress up your product literature, your sales patter, your claims of brilliance… actually, there’s only one thing that truly matters to a prospect… and that is whether someone else has bought from you before. Once a prospect has turned into a customer – testimonials pale into insignificance, compared to your ability to deliver.

Getting that customer in the first place is the hardest bit. Delivery is ‘easy’ because it’s within your control.

Social proof through reviews, (think Tripadvisor) recommendations (think Linkedin) or Likes (think Facebook) are becoming an essential part of any business’s sales pitch and toolkit.

If you’re selling your own consulting services, then testimonials, case studies and quotes from happy customers are the most important thing on your website.

The graphic below is quite literally the best piece of social proof I’ve ever seen.

Why would you not use these guys?! I thought it’s something we could all learn from and adapt to your business…

(click the link to see the live map).