We’re off and running

2 months after pitching this Life’s for Living challenge to my fabulous bunch of mates, I finally get the website off the ground.

This blog is meant to capture the heartache, the fun, the training, the angst, the injuries, the sponsorship, the nerves and the donations. It will be contributed to by all members of the team over the coming months and I hope you might just become a regular visitor to find out how things are going and how much money we are raising.

With that, I hearby declare this website well and truly open.

The best present ever?

An unusual post today and totally off topic really – variety however is of course the spice of life.

With Christmas coming up and as the inevitable nightmare of what to buy for loved ones rears its ugly head, I thought I’d offer a suggestion. It requires some effort (like all the best presents) and you should allow a week or so to get it all sorted. I guarantee it will be worth it.

I bought one for my wife’s 40th in June as you’ll hear me say in the video and I appeared to accumulate many scarcely-given-out-brownie-points that day.

They deliver worldwide – but you need to get on the case right now if you’re to make it in time for Christmas.

To visit the home of these awesome present makers click here!

(Note I’ll get a cup of coffee or two in commission if you click and buy, which is surely worth it for this get out of jail free card piece of Xmas present advice?)

You have to start somewhere

No one goes to great overnight.

Even those who appear to have risen to success quickly has had a long, possibly hidden journey.

I live in Bray, Berkshire – about 100 metres from the home of Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck restaurant.

I just stumbled across this description of how he got started and wanted to share it.

In 1995, after more than two years of searching, Heston bought a 450-year-old pub in Bray. Small, with an impossibly cramped kitchen, only one door, no view, an outside toilet and a reputation as the hotspot for every drinker banned from other pubs in the area, it was hardly the ideal choice for a restaurant, but it was all he could afford.

At this stage, there was no thought of Michelin stars. With its beams sandblasted and a U-shaped copper bar installed, The Fat Duck opened as a simple bistro serving French classics such as petit salé of duck, steak and chips, sauce à la moelle and tarte tatin.  On the second day the oven exploded and Heston spent the rest of service with a bag of frozen peas strapped to his head. Inexperience and limited funds meant he was spending twenty hours a day in the kitchen, occasionally snatching fifteen minutes’ sleep curled up on a pile of dirty tea towels.

In 2004 it became only the third restaurant in the UK to hold 3 Michelin stars and in 2005 was voted the Best Restaurant in the World.

An amazing journey in a relatively short period of time.

If you’re beginning your journey as a consultant, freelancer or coach and are currently wondering how to put food on your family’s table. Have faith. Have a vision. Be good at what you do. Spend over 50% of your time finding ways to promote your business and you won’t go too far wrong.

Heston set out with a vision. You can too.