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As regular readers to the Being Smarter website will know, we like to feature new ways of doing things. Innovation is so key in business and today, we’re delighted to be participating in an innovation called a blog book tour which fuses social media, brilliant segmenting of a marketplace and win-win for the book authors and promoters.

We’ve been lucky enough to have Dr Karl Kapp, Professor of instructional technology at Bloomsburg University PA, USA as an advocate of The 8.45 Club‘s method of training. We were delighted when he asked us if we would like to participate as a guest blog on Day #12 of his blog book tour, to promote the sale of his excellent new book “Learning in 3D” (affiliate link).

We thought that because 30 other people will be talking about the book itself, instead, let’s talk to Karl about this blog book tour concept, find out what such a thing actually is, how it’s being used in this context, and most importantly, how YOU could use it yourselves to promote your next publication. Guess what, it could be applied to any product or service with a bit of thought – so even if you’re not an author – keep watching…

So make a coffee – sit back and watch Dr Karl, live by satellite…

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  1. Karl Kapp
    Karl Kapp says:


    Thanks for taking the time to interview me, as you know, I am a fan of the 8:45 Club. The idea of quick, small instructional “chunks” delivered to the desktop on a daily or weekly basis is a great way to learn supported by tons of research that says “Distributed Practice” is great for knowledge retention and recall. So having you interview me in a similar, quick and informative format made a lot of sense in terms of discussing the various aspects of the blog book tour.

    Conducting a blog book tour like this is a great way to leverage Web 2.0 technologies from a marketing perspective and has really had a positive impact on hardbound sales and Kindle sales of the book. And on Facebook, we’ve pass the 100 fan mark (pretty good for a niche book topic.)

    I would encourage anyone thinking about the concept to give it a try. Become involved with the tour for “Learning in 3D” to see what you can learn from the tour, what you can improve and how it can help you be smarter about internet marketing. The best thing for me as an author is that it has created a discussion with readers that I would not be able to have without the Web 2.0 technologies, I get feedback about the book, ideas for including in the next book and insights into how others are using 3D virtual immersive environments in new and fascinating ways.

    • markcopeman
      markcopeman says:

      Pleasure Karl – great to have you as an advocate and a guinea pig to test out this new Skype Video interview concept – so thanks for being ‘game’!

      Continued luck with the tour – and hope to catch up with you in NJ later this year.

      Best wishes,

  2. Tony O'Driscoll
    Tony O'Driscoll says:


    This is fantastic! Both the method you used to interview Karl (Skype Video) and focusing on our virtual blog tour approach ; )

    Karl and I have been really amazed with the creativity of those who have kindly agreed to participate in the blog book tour. What you have done here certainly raises the bar.

    Thanks so much for having such a creative blog book tour stop!

    • markcopeman
      markcopeman says:

      Thanks for the kind words Tony – continued good luck with the book tour – it’s such a great concept – so smart.
      Tell your friends about the Skype Video concept – I’m thinking we should add it to the portfolio!

  3. Vincenzo Diruzzo
    Vincenzo Diruzzo says:

    I’ve utilised Skype for a few years now, and I have got to say that the tone of their service has actually been falling since they were bought. For now I will stay with them since I have a great deal of friends who are also on Skype. But I am studying alternatives.

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