The CRC Energy Efficiency scheme can’t be ignored

This is a really short post to remind Being Smarter viewers who work for the biggest 5,000 companies in the UK that in April, your world is going to change.

No longer can companies turn a blind eye to leaving the lights on, to not regulating heating properly or not EDUCATING their employees as to the importance of energy efficiencies.

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme will kick in from April, where those 5,000 companies will be ranked according to the change they make in their businesses over the coming months and years. Part of that change process involves educating employees.

Do you know know how you will educate yours? How can you train 00’s or 000’s of employees across dispersed geographies?

We have a solution. Our training venture, The 8.45 Club has teamed up with a leading futuroligist, Dr Graeme Codrington to produce a 12 module video course which can be delivered to desktops over a few weeks without impacting on employee productivity or incurring huge travel and off the road expenses.

You can buy this CRC energy efficiency scheme training course right here, right now… OR if you would like to have a tailored version delivered to your employees, then talk to us. We’re a friendly bunch and know what we’re doing.

Don’t leave it. It has to be tackled.

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