Creating your very own World Wide Rave

I don’t get a huge amount of time to read, and so when I do read, I like to make it count. One of my favourite business authors is a guy called David Meerman Scott.

It’s a strange name don’t you think? Well actually, no… one of the reasons for David’s success on the speaker circuit and beyond is because he set out from the outset to stand out from the crowd. How many ‘David Scotts’ do you think there are when you search for that name in Google? On the other hand – how many ‘David Meerman Scott’s do you think there are? Clever huh?

David is an expert in all things viral. He’s researched viral campaigns (if you should really call them that) for years and argues a simple point. ANYONE in ANY SIZED BUSINESS in ANY MARKET SEGMENT can create hype and a buzz, hence revenue online. It doesn’t matter what you do… YOU can create you very own World Wide Rave… a phrase he’s coined as well as the title of the book he’s written. He cites dozens of examples of people who’ve done this successfully including a Dentist…!

I listened to a webinar given by David last night (REPLAY HERE) and whilst I’ve read all of his books and knew a lot of the material – it was SO good to be reminded of some of his common sense thinking. There’s three key points below for you to consider below…

Nobody cares about your product.

Think about that for a moment. How much time and energy do we spend pushing our products on our market places. People don’t care about your stuff… they care about their stuff… the problems that they need to solve. Help them to solve them and they will buy from you.

The back button is the third most used web feature.

I’ve no idea how this was researched – however it doesn’t matter – you can just imagine it being true. How easy is it to use the back button when a page doesn’t deliver what you are wanting it to? Think about making your pages and site stickier. Reduce your bounce rate. Make it easy for people to buy your ‘stuff’. And finally…

Figure out your buyer personas.

This is a massive subject and the third book below is dedicated to it… Simply put – write down today a detailed profile of one of your buyer types… where do they hang out, what are their likes and dislikes, who do they interact with. Do the same for all of your other types and then have a serious think about how you market your products and services. Are you hitting them between the eyes?!

David’s books are insightful and pragmatic and will benefit both you and your business. The three I’ve read and recommend are listed below. Click for more details and if you buy one, you should know I will reap the rewards equivalent to a can of Coke…

World Wide Rave

The New Rules of Marketing and PR

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2 replies
  1. David Meerman Scott
    David Meerman Scott says:


    I’m so glad that you like my book and the webinar last night. Many thanks for letting me know and for writing about it here.

    I use Meerman (my middle name) because there are so many David Scotts out there that it can be confusing which one of us you are communicating with.

    Some of us are famous — one David Scott walked on the moon as commander of Apollo 15 another David Scott is a six-time Iron Man Triathlon Champion and another David Scott is a US Congressman.

    Certainly good company, but for clarity and search engine optimization purposes, I chose to become unique among my fellow David Scotts.

    I started using Meerman in 1999 – best decision I’ve made.

    Good luck implementing the ideas.

    • markcopeman
      markcopeman says:

      Hi David,

      Appreciate you taking the time to comment on my article… It’s such a great piece of advice for people with popular names…

      Many thanks, Mark

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