Smart email marketing – NOT!

We all get frustrated by poorly written emails and poorly executed email marketing. I felt compelled to write about a company which sadly just isn’t joined up. My hope is that they do read this and maybe sort out the left hand and right hand.

Sovereign holidays are a good company. They are part of the TUI Group. They offer luxury holidays, have good customer service staff, who actually answer your tricky hotel questions by email – they actually don’t go into the standard corporate blackhole mailbox. I have no complaints about that side of the business.

Their marketing department however is a different story. They should know they’ve lost a subscriber, due to blanket email blasting like so many other companies.

We booked a holiday on 2nd August and head off later in October. Why then would I receive emails as follows:

  • 21st August – Offer of exception value to Turkey

I’ve just booked a holiday with you – would I really be considering another already?

  • 28th August – Great sale weekend and exclusive offers

Once again – I’m really not in the buying mood – I’m looking forward to my holiday in October with you.

  • 4th September – Luxury All-inclusive etc

Ahem – now I’m getting annoyed – I’ve just parted with a substantial sum of money to travel with you – I don’t want to spend any more money at the moment and you’re annoying me now.

  • 11th September – Enjoy October for less

Err – I’m already going away in October – for goodness sake, how on earth would I take two holidays in October? Do you not know what my schedule is like? You’re now selling double glazing to house which has just had triple glazing installed.

(I’m skipping a couple)

  • 1st October – Book now and save over £2,000!

I’m going away in three weeks’ time with you. UNSUBSCRIBE.

Smart advice

Sovereign holidays – add two fields in your email marketing database which says date of booking and date of travel. Be smart about when people are sent emails. Set a flag to email someone two weeks on their return with relevant, compelling offers.

  • 13th November – Thanks for travelling with Sovereign – special offer inside to loyal customers

It’s not hard.

To get even more sophisticated, personalised emails which are timely and relevant work. 100% click through is possible.

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