CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme training

In April of 2010, the UK government’s CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme began in earnest and it will have an immediate huge impact on over 5,000 businesses in the UK. It will have a similar impact to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, and the upcoming cap and trade legislation in the USA and elsewhere. These schemes require companies to reduce their energy usage, and limit their contribution to CO2 emissions, or face significant penalties. Those who do well will be rewarded with payments being made to them. This could radically alter competition in many industries.

Part of the commitment that these businesses will need to sign up to is education. Education of employees, supplier and customers to make change. To make change when it comes to conserving energy and being more efficient with our uses of energy.

This will be a daunting task for many of these businesses and so The 8.45 Club has teamed up with Tomorrow Today – experts in all things sustainable to launch a 12 part video-based course delivered to desktops.

The course is available right now and features as the presenter – Dr Graeme Codrington -a futurologist and professional speaker who translates the requirements of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme into business speak. Importantly he focuses on the benefits this legislation will bring as well as taking you through some of logistical issues businesses will face. It’s a practical course aimed at changing behaviour and attitudes, and having a positive bottom line impact on your organisation.

CRC energy efficiency scheme

Make a coffee and spend 15 minutes checking out the first video module from the  CRC Energy Efficiency scheme training for free by clicking the link.